Want to Be a ArLiSNAP Coordinator? This Is Your Chance!


(Polls Close at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, May 16th)

ArLiSNAP is seeking candidates for the position of  Coordinator.

The new coordinator will serve a term of 2 years, to be staggered with another coordinator (currently Bryan Loar), beginning May 18th.

Coordinator responsibilities are to facilitate special projects, advance the concerns of students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA, and run the annual meeting and student pub crawl at the annual ARLIS/NA conference. The future coordinator will be heavily involved with the administration of the ArLiSNAP site and will serve as a representative and liaison between ArLiSNAP and other groups within ARLIS/NA.  Candidates do not need to have been present at the Boston meeting in order to run.

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, your professional or educational experience, and your thoughts on future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.  Please post your candidacy by Sunday, May 9th.

Elections will be held using SurveyMonkey from Monday, May 10th through Monday, May 17th. The results will be announced on May 18th.

If you have questions about the position or the election, please feel free to contact current coordinators, Tracy Bergstrom and Bryan Loar.


  1. I would like to nominate myself as the next ArLiSNAP coordinator. As a recent graduate, I have been struggling not only to find a job, but to also remain active in the ARLIS and VRA communities, and would let those experiences (that I think are more common than not, right now) inform my contributions to ArLiSNAP.

    I hold a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Art History and English and received my MLS with a concentration in digital librarianship from UW-Madison in December. Over the past 2.5 years, I have worked in student or LTE positions in an academic art library, special collections department, archives, digital collections center, and oral history program, and will soon begin a part-time position in the digitization center at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. I desperately want to become a visual resource curator, and have been active in both VRA and ARLIS programs, most notably as a member of the ArLiSNAP membership committee and VRA mentor program this past year.

    As the next ArLiSNAP coordinator, I would use both my experiences as a grad student, trying to tailor my studies to best fit the requirements of digital and art librarianship, and my current experiences, struggling to stand out as a candidate and find a job in this silly job market, to facilitate projects and collaborations with other ARLIS groups and promote the needs of students and new professionals. I would like to work with Tracy to establish programs and create resources to help future groups of new art professionals navigate an MLS program and (potentially) rocky job market.

    …This has gotten a bit longer than I intended, so I’ll leave it at that. Email me, please, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/what-have-you. I would like to be your new coordinator. It would be a fun and interesting experience and I think I would do a really good job.

    Thanks for you consideration!

    Katie Gleischman

  2. I’d like to throw my hat in the nomination ring for the ARLISnap co-coordinator position. I’m currently finishing my second semester in the Pratt SILS program while starting the transition from my current career (education administration) to a profession that will hopefully involve art, archives, and ephemera of all kinds. My humanities/art history background and my professional experience have equipped with me with a wide-range of skills and influences, but what I feel really qualifies me for this position is my dual perspective as a student and a young, transitioning professional. While I am still learning, I am also keenly aware of the importance of engaging students with the work of ARLIS/NA and with the art librarianship field-at-large.

    As a new member not only to ARLIS, but also to SAA, VRA, MARAC, SLA, and a host of other local/national library professional organizations, I realize the necessity to create connections, to foster the independence of students but also make them aware of a supportive, exciting community. As someone about to begin an archival practicum and really get their first hands-on experience in a library, I am also tuned in to the needs of those of us trying to get a foot in the professional door. Again, I think the ARLISnap community can be a key role in the transition from old life to new life.

    I support widening the ARLISnap net to include the creation of school-based ARLISnap groups in order to create local pockets of students with similar aspirations and interests. I applaud ARLISnap’s (already wonderful) finely curated collection of job postings, but would love to supplement it with even more educational opportunities and local meet-ups. I would also love to see more input from active professionals on the blog–profiles from people who have worked through the issues we confront on a daily basis, tips and lessons from librarians and archivists that can help light the way.

    I am happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to email me. I look forward to engaging with you all more actively, either through this position or as a continuing member of the ARLISnap community.


    Rosemary K.J. Davis

  3. Thanks to Katie and Rosemary for their excellent candidacy posts! Please take a moment or two to read through them and then cast your ballot for a new coordinator on the following Survey Monkey link:


    The poll is short and sweet, so should only take about a minute of your time.


  4. I am pleased to introduce Rosemary Davis as ArLiSNAP’s next coordinator.

    Thank you Katie for applying for the role of coordinator. Rosemary’s and your candidacies represent the type of thoughtfulness & leadership ArLiSNaP strives for.

    An additional acknowledgment goes out to Tracy Bergstrom. Thank you Tracy for your service over the last two years. Your work both with the Web 2.0 kiosk and outreach have been instrumental.

    I look forward to working with Rosemary over the next year of her two-year term. Along with existing & future ArLiSNAPers out there, we will do amazing things!


    Bryan Loar

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