Recorder Needed: Confronting the Future

Good morning!   I, too, am seeking a recorder for Session A: “Confronting the Future: Articulating Purpose, Documenting Value” to be held on Saturday, April 24, from 9:00-10:00 AM.   This session will feature two of your favorite colleagues–Jeanne Brown and Jolene de Verges–known for their wisdom and insight in creatively confronting challenging times like these.    Please contact me if you are interested in recording the session, described below:

Confronting the Future: Articulating Purpose, Documenting Value
In this time of great economic uncertainty and fear for the survival of libraries as we know them, we look for creative ways of “future-proofing” the art library and visual resources professions. Whether defending branch services and collections from the onslaught of internal budget cuts, or reshaping our visual resources services and collections to meet the changing external market, we are compelled to identify and effectively share how our libraries are valued. Jeanne Brown will address strategies for using and presenting data within the library and to the larger institution. Jolene de Verges will present ARTstor’s “Shared Shelf” as a model that is giving rise to radically altered roles for VR professionals, and will suggest ways to influence how the future takes shape, both in our institutions and at ARTstor.
Betsy Peck Learned, Associate Dean of University Library Services, Roger Williams University
Demonstrating Library Value in a Period of Retrenchment
Jeanne Brown, Head, Architecture Studies Library, Art Librarian, Assessment Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Revolutionary Models for Managing and Sharing Image Collections: What’s Our Future as Image Professionals?
Jolene De Verges, Images Librarian, Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning, MIT

Thank you,

Betsy Peck

Learned Associate Dean of University Libraries Roger Williams University 1 Old Ferry Rd.

elearned [at] rwu [dot] edu

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