Pub Crawl or Pub Stop?

As some of you may have noticed, the schedule for this year’s upcoming conference in Boston is slightly compressed into two days rather than three. In light of there no longer being a free evening, we here at SNAP Central have been pondering when to schedule the annual Pub Crawl. If you are new to the conference, the Pub Crawl is an event organized by ArLiSNAP to promote general introductions and levity amongst members. We normally round up a good-sized gaggle of librarians and head out into the night to explore whatever locale surrounds the conference hotel.

Our current idea is to have the event on Friday night. We’d leave the Convocation as a group and head to a TBD pub, but not crawl to multiple locations. This will allow others to find us if they’d like to join later, which has been an issue in the past. For lack of a better name, we’re currently thinking of this idea as a ‘Pub Stop.’

Please leave a comment below if you’re liking this idea (or not). We’re looking for a Boston local to suggest a pub in the vicinity of the hotel. Also someone please suggest a better name for the event.



  1. Sad to say there are not a great deal of pubs in the immediate area of the Seaport Hotel – There a few more places across the Fort Point Channel but on the side of the conference there is Lucky’s, and a few other places that aren’t so great; I work in the area so I feel pretty confident in that comment.

    IMO the best pubs in the city are in the actual neighborhoods where people live – Back Bay, South End, Mission Hill etc.

    relatively close to the conference you might try Jacob Wirth’s on Stuart St (Chinatown)- it has been in operation since 1868. It gets super crowded but they do have cask conditioned beer. The Public House in Brookline has a great beer selection and so does the always popular Sunset Grill & Tap in the Allston neighborhood – but those are pretty far from the Seaport; one would need to take the T or cab.

  2. I’m up for a pub stop on Friday after convocation though it could be a pretty late night if, as Sylvia says, there aren’t many choices close to the hotel. What about Thursday night? Or perhaps many people don’t plan to arrive until Friday?

  3. I think I’d be more in favor of just one stop. That said, I’d also strongly favor going someplace close to the hotel (if such a place can be found). Definitely somewhere accessible by cheap public transit… after all, we want students to feel welcome (and they’re already financially strapped just getting to the conference)!

    If we pick a single place, maybe we could call ahead and see if we could get a drink special for our group? Just a thought…

  4. I think the problem with either Thursday or Sunday nights is that students tend to minimize their hotels costs as much as possible, meaning that are target audience may only be present Friday and Saturday nights.

    Would Sylvia above see if Lucky’s has a website? I’m seeing a couple of hits for Lucky’s on the web and not sure which is which. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for your insights Sylvia!

    Lucky’s looks interesting. Here’s there site

    Here’s where they are in proximity to the conference hotel –,+Boston,+MA+02210-1828+(Lucky%27s)&hl=en&geocode=FVQyhgIdVPvD-w%3BFXY2hgIduOPD-yGhdPi3KRzLjSmDZ7wYgHrjiTHGaJJYM3rtRg&mra=ls&dirflg=w&sll=42.348641,-71.045237&sspn=0.004765,0.011362&ie=UTF8&ll=42.348712,-71.045816&spn=0.004765,0.011362&z=17

    Drink ( is also near Lucky’s. It seems like they cater to people who like designer drinks (read $$$).

    There is also Salvatore’s ( which has what looks to be a long bar.

    Croak Park/Whitey’s is to stay away from. In Yelp, one reviewer describes it like this:

    Remember the scene in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker walks into the bar and the two aliens attack him before Obie Wan Canobie steps in and cuts the guys arm off? Whitey’s makes that place look like Cheers.

    Everything else seems far away. I think it would be better to stay close than travel the T or take cabs.

  6. How about The Barking Crab? A restaurant rather than bar, but I don’t think it will matter if it’s after the dinner rush. And if the weather is nice, it would be great to be on the deck.

    But that’s not why I’m writing.

    Sylvia: we really need more sunday supper club organizers. Would you consider bringing some people to one of your favorite places for dinner on Sunday night? Publick House would be perfect if you could finagle a reservation. Let me know. Thanks.

  7. All,

    Thank you everyone for your input! Let’s go ahead and make a decision on one location within walking distance for Friday night. We can create a map with other locations for those more adventurous.

    This is what we have so far
    Lucky’s (closes at 2 a.m.)
    Drink (closes at 1 a.m.)
    Salvatore’s (closes at 11 p.m. …not much of a choice)
    The Barking Crab (closes at “Till the Crabs Come Home” – ???)

    Any other last minute suggestions?

    Once we decide, we are asking for volunteer(s) to design an announcement. If interested, please post in the comments. Thanks!

  8. I’ve made some calls to these places today- pub “research.” Unfortunately no place will let us reserve space since it Friday night, and Lucky’s told me they usually have quite a line outside to get in by about 9pm on Fridays. The Barking Crab appears to be a better walk, is open until midnight, and has indoor/outdoor space, so I’m leaning towards it. Any dissenters?

    We need a good looking flyer for this event, to be handed out to potential participants with info and a map. Any volunteers for creating one?


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