Introducing ARLIS/NA’s Lunchtime Chats

I’m very pleased to announce a new program organized by ARLIS/NA’s
Education Subcommittee:

*Lunchtime Chats *
Starting this month, we will periodically host chats via Meebo on topics
related to art librarianship and visual resources management. We hope
you’ll join us for our first chat!

*“Visual Literacy in Your Library” with moderator Barbara Rockenbach *
September 18th, 1:00pm Eastern
Description: Visual literacy is a key tool that information
professionals can and should use to insert ourselves into the larger
conversations on campus on topics such as the Digital Humanities, New
Media, 21st c. literacies, Web 2.0, and the future of teaching and
learning. Just in the last decade, an abundance of visual materials have
become available digitally that humanists and social scientists have
begun to integrate into their teaching and learning. Yet, most of these
professors in these disciplines and their students do not have training
in using the visual. There are conversations all over campuses and
across disciplines about competencies and life-long learning skills that
students need that involve understanding the visual world in which they
live. Visual literacy is a skill or set of skills that we are uniquely
positioned to teach. Visual Literacy is a tool for us to prove our value
and to become involved in some of these larger, exciting conversations
about the future of student learning.

*Using Meebo to Chat *
You will first need to sign up for a Meebo account. It’s quick and easy
to do:
To get started, sign into Meebo. You can link to the ARLIS/NA Meebo chat
room from here:
(We are working on putting together a page on the ARLIS/NA website that
will include an embedded Meebo chat box. Stay tuned…)
Please contact a committee member if you have any difficulty accessing
the chat room.

*Future Chat Themes *
October (date/time TBA) – Transforming Visual Resources in the 21st
Century (moderator: Elizabeth Schaub, UT Austin)
November (date/time TBA) – Library Marketing Begins with Our Users
(moderator: TBA)

If you have topic ideas for future chats, please let us know! If you are
interested in moderating a chat, let us know that too. Feel free to
email directly any of our committee members: [Ed. – We have removed the emails due to privacy concerns.  Thanks, Bryan Loar, ArLiSNAP Senior Site Administrator]

Heather Gendron (Subcommittee Chair):
Cara List:
Rebecca Cooper:
Stacy Nakamura Brinkman:
Sarah Falls (PDC Chair):

Heather Gendron
Art Librarian
Sloane Art Library
UNC Chapel Hill
102 Hanes Art Center
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3405

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