Membership Group

Hi Everyone!
Let’s use this space to get started with our planning!

We have two tasks:
-set up a directory for ArLiSNAP members
-profile individuals from the directory on the site

Shall we get started?

Jamie Lausch
University of Michigan
University Library AssociateĀ 
Art, Architecture and Engineering Library
Curatorial Research Center Intern
University of Michigan Museum of ArtĀ 
Candidate for M.S.I. 2010


  1. Do we think we should profile our incoming Co-moderator Bryan and Tracy, our current Co-Moderator first, so that new members will get to know them both a little bit better?

  2. Hi all,
    Just to get the ball rolling for membership profiles, what types of questions do you feel we should ask of our co-moderators, to kick off the feature?

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