Introducing ArLiSNAP Discussion Opportunities & Coordinatoors

As a result of feedback, you’re going to see a few new additions to the ArLiSNAP blog and community.  One of the new features we’re rolling out is increased content on the site to help generate discussion about issues important to ArLiSNAP members.

Caley Cannon and Meredith Kahn are the current discussion coordinators, and we’ll be making weekly posts about a range of topics (emerging technologies, social networking sites, teaching, mentoring, transition from student to professional, changing role of art librarians, professional development, recent news in art and architecture, new developments in the publishing industry, etc.).

We hope you find these posts interesting and thought provoking, and that you feel compelled to participate in a discussion via the comments.  If there are any topics you’d like us to address, please let us know.

And let the fun begin…


  1. Thanks Meredith & Caley!

    A discussion page is now part of our top navigation bar, and we also now have a “Discussion” category. Using this category will help us group & archive our discussions.

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