Automated Image & Video Metadata

Facial recognition software has been seen as one way to automate tagging.  Picassa has been using facial recognition software since last fall to suggest tags to users.  Polar Rose

employs a browser plugin to allow users to tag people in photos anywhere on the web. The startup uses those photos to construct a 3D image of the person, and then make educated guesses as to who is in untagged photos. The new version of Polar Rose will notify that friend on Facebook who has been tagged in a Flickr photo that they’ve been named in your photos. Your friends can decide if they want their name in public or not (until they sign up and decide for themselves, Polar Rose keeps their identity them private).

Megan Macken (Univ. of Chicago) conducted an interesting interview with Marshall Breeding last year.  Towards the end of the interview, Breeding discusses his involvement with automated metadata in the realm of video.

Via: TechCrunch

Spotted by: Dilvie


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