Networking for Librarians

The following quote is from Nancy Pierobon in the video “Networking for Academic Librarians.”  Although the title associates it with academics, the advice is applicable to any type of librarian.

I think networking for first-time librarians is absolutely essential. 

I would say go to as many conferences as you can, as many meetings of chapter associations that are relevant to your work. 

Network with peers.  Go back to your school and ask your faculty if they have contacts as well. 

And always don’t be afraid to get out and knock on doors of associations that you’re interested in or organizations or institutions. 

Absolutely call up the director of the library and ask them if they have positions or just for a chat on the kinds of positions that are available….

The more people you network with the much better your results will be.  The more you’ll learn, the more valuable you’ll be to your organization when you do start a job.

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