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As some of you may remember from earlier posts, Rebecca and I agreed to produce a wiki in conjunction with this year’s annual ARLIS/ NA conference coming up in April.  The goal of the wiki is to help newbies prepare for and navigate around the conference with information pertinent to first-time attendees not just to Indy but to the annual conference in general.  It addresses issues of interest to new and young ARLIS/ NA members such as:

  • who attends the national conference?
  • what kinds of events can I expect and what is the dress code?
  • what funding opportunities are available?
  • how can I find a roommate/ save $$ in other ways?
  • etc, etc, etc.

Rebecca and I have set up PB wiki space and laid out a basic outline of topics; now we could use your help adding content.

The wiki can be found at https://snapconference.pbwiki.com/

Anyone can be added to author content via the Request Access link on the page.   If you’ve attended an annual conference in the past, feel free to add content as you see pertinent.  If  you’ve never attended and are curious about topics we haven’t thought of, by all means add a comment or new heading and we’ll try to provide info.  We’d appreciate any contributions, large or small.



  1. Many thanks to Tracy, who did more than her share in setting up this wiki! Please, everyone, feel free to add content that you think would make it more useful. Try to remember what confused/baffled you at your first ARLIS/NA conference, and add information to help other newbies!

  2. We still need help adding information to the wiki! If you have a few spare minutes to add links to resources you know are out there, or to add a bit of information to one or two sections, that would be fantastic. Many hands make light work (or, insert your other favorite saying about getting stuff done here)!

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