Surviving the Annual Conference

Efforts are afoot to create an ARLIS/NA Annual Conference Survival Wiki, and we’d like your input to get things started!  The wiki is intended to complement the conference website and blog by providing a more generalized guide to the happenings of the Annual conference.  Whereas the website and blog contain information particular to each individual conference and locale, the wiki is intended to provide valuable tips on what to expect… and to fill in information that first time attendees might not know.

With that in mind, what are some topics/categories that you think a wiki of this kind should cover?  Here are some thoughts to get things rolling:

  • Which meetings are open/which are invite-only
  • Dress “code” (both general, and for special events)
  • Money-saving tips

… What else?

Tracy and I will take your suggestions into account and create the basic structure for the wiki, and will then open it up for contributions from everyone… we’re sure that there are some experts out there that can really help to make it a useful resource!


  1. Re: Bryan’s comment above: Agreed!

    I particularly like the idea of a Google map of area restaurants, attractions, conference-related locations, etc.

    A list of “what to bring” could be helpful, too. Last year I ran into a few students who forgot to bring business cards. On the other end of the spectrum, I also met people who were job/internship hunting and had brought copies of their CV. I thought that was rather clever!

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