Call for Volunteer(s) – Jobs Postings Liaison

In an effort to broaden our ranks and get others involved, we’d like to put out a call for a volunteer (or two) to take up the responsibility of distributing relevant job advertisements. Announcements of jobs are posted via listservs and on various websites, and the task of the Jobs Postings Liaison is to comb through them for relevant positions that would be of interest to ArLiSNAP members and post them to the blog. If you are a student or recent graduate already on the hunt for a position you are probably fervently reading these job announcements already, so how about getting a bit of volunteer experience while you are at it and offering to post them to the blog?

For the past couple of years, intrepid ArLiSNAP volunteers (and former co-moderators!) Sarah Carter and Megan Macken have shouldered the responsibility for posting these kinds of announcements, so three cheers for them! All of us who monitor the blog will continue post relevant announcements that we see come up, but thought someone out there might like the opportunity for a volunteer position. The task would be ongoing, but would entail only a light time commitment for someone already reading job postings on a regular basis.

Please post a comment to this message if you think you might be interested in volunteering for this position.


  1. I’m interested. I obsessively read job postings, so perhaps I could use that obsession for good.

    I have job postings from ALA, CLA, and the Chronicle popping up in my RSS feeds. I also pay attention to a couple of different listservs.

    Quick question for Sarah and Megan: Where else do you find relevant postings on a regular basis? I know I’ve seen postings show up here before seeing them elsewhere, so I’m curious where you both find them.

    Feel free to email me at mkahn [at] umich [dot] edu

  2. A few HR folks have also contacted us directly via the webmaster’s e-mail to post jobs. They’ve done this in addition to paying a fee to post on ARLIS-L. Maybe a link on the left to a liaison page could be done. I can set it up if we should decide to do so.

    (Agreed on the new delicious interface. Functionality has also improved with the ability to combine tags while searching–something that I’ve wanted for a very long time)

  3. Beyond what’s been mentioned above, I have a search set up in CAA’s job site. You can search for librar* (or any other keyword) and have them send results as an RSS feed when new jobs are posted.

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