Call for Volunteer(s) – Project Leader for Student Outreach Initiatives

It was great to meet so many of you at the ArLiSNAP meeting during the ARLIS annual conference in Denver.  One of the topics floated at the meeting was ways in which to get more bodies involved in ArLiSNAP via additional volunteer positions. The general consensus was that more people might be willing to be involved if there were a greater range of volunteer positions, both in scale and duties.

To this end, we’d like to announce the first of these volunteer opportunities- a
Project Leader for Student Outreach Initiatives

What we are hoping for with this position is someone interested in taking on the task of researching possibilities for ArLiSNAP to engage more with students. To get us started along this path, we first need to have some idea about where needs exist that ArLiSNAP could fill.  This would involve the project leader looking into topics such as what ARLIS’s commitments and current activities are in regard to students, how individual chapters connect with local student populations, etc. The Project Leader for Student Outreach Initiatives could then compile and disseminate this info either through blog posts or a written summary, in the spirit of eliciting discussion as to how ArLISNAP could expand in this direction.

Anyone with even mild curiosity or interest about this position is welcome to leave a comment.  If you think you might be interested in this position but would like to work on it with others, we’d be into that too. Or if you think another topic would benefit from similar inquiry, feel free to suggest it.

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