CHArt 2008 Conference – CALL FOR PAPERS


CHArt (Computers and the History of Art) 2008 Conference

Thursday 6 – Friday 7 November 2008 (central London venue to be confirmed)

This year’s CHArt conference takes seeing as its theme and the

associated questions of vision, perception, visibility and invisibility,

blindness and insight – all in the context of our contemporary digital

culture in which our eyes are assaulted by eve r greater amounts of

visual stimulus, while we are also increasingly being surveyed, on a

continual basis.

What does it mean to see and be seen nowadays? How have advances in

neuroscience or developments in technology altered our understanding of

vision and perception? What kind of visual spaces do we now inhabit?

What new kinds of visual experiences are now available? And what are now

lost or no longer possible? How does the increasing digitalisation of

media affect the experience of seeing? What and who might be rendered

invisible by the processes of digital culture? What are our current

digital culture’s blindspots? What are its politics of seeing?

For the twenty-forth CHArt conference we are looking for papers that

reflect upon these issues. We welcome contributions from all sections

of the CHArt community: art historians, artists, architects and

architectural theorists and historians, curators, museum professionals,

scientists, cultural and media theorists, archivists, technologists,

software developers, educationalists, philosophers and any others who

have a stake in the question of seeing in a digital culture.

Please email a three to four hundred word synopsis of the proposed paper

with brief CV of presenter/s by 30 May 2008 to Hazel Gardiner


CHArt (

c/o Centre for Computing in the Humanities

Kings College, University of London

26 – 29 Drury Lane



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