Two Changes to the ArLiSNAP Site

Hello all,

I just wanted to cover two changes to the site

  1. The removal of related links on individual posts
  2. The removal of Snap Shots

I removed related links on posts because the relavancy was very weak.  The links are automatically created, and some people have had poor experiences with it (e.g. a racial activist with links to racial hate groups).  I reviewed multiple posts of ours, and only a handful of links proved to be relevant.  If you’d like to view a blog currently with links, go to  If you’d like to read about related links and the comments that Matt Mullenweg has received so far, go to  If you like the idea of having links to outside blogs that might or might not be relevant, please comment below.

I also removed Snap Shots (the little pop-up windows when you mouse over a link) because they sometimes make it difficult to actually click on the link and their general annoyance to some people (i.e. Carter & I).  If you find that they are helpful, please comment below.




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