1. As admin of the group I’ll definitely take requests into consideration–though you’ll still have to negotiate with the photographer to take the image(s) off their personal photostream.

    This reminds me of an interview with, I believe, George Lucas and his beliefs on public domain. I remember it was the first time I began thinking about whether or not reproductions of our likeness (i.e. images of ourselves) belong to us or not.

  2. Interesting question! I was wondering, too, in terms of privacy, whether or not I should use people’s first and last names in the picture titles. I did, but would be happy to change that for anyone who requests it. Although I didn’t take the pictures I uploaded, I did take the liberty of not uploading one of me–which prominently featured my bald spot.

  3. Too funny. If you are doing all the work you are by all means entitled to take the liberty of editing out bald spots, etc.! I think I’ve taken bad pictures at ARLIS for a number of years now, so it is kind of a tradition anyway.

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