ArLiSNAP E-Mail Blackout & ArLiSNAP Upgrades

Hello all,

Due to some ArLiSNAP upgrades (more below), the address webmaster [at] arlisnap [dot] org was down.  If you attempted to join and you have e-mailed me at that address, your e-mail was unfortunately not delivered.  Now that webmaster [at] arlisnap [dot] org is back up, please resend your message.  Our sincere appologies for the inconvenience.

Megan Macken brought to my attention a very annoying little aspect for Mac users–the back button took you either to the homepage or just completely out of the site regardless of the last page you visited.  I’ve worked with Megan, and we have fixed the problem.  Big kudos goes to Megan for suggesting a feature tucked away in our WordPress account (i.e. domain mapping) and fronting the $10 WordPress fee.

You will now notice that, instead of the URL coming up on every page, you’ll have things like (**gasp!** I even changed the blog address from home-1 to blog, crazy!).  This also means that if you wanted to link to a page, you can just take the URL from your address bar–very convenient.

Our e-mail is now actually being hosted by Google.  Google gives us the opportunity to have multiple e-mails under the domain.  So, you may see some new e-mails coming your way.  Stay tuned.

Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.


Bryan Loar

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