Elections Extension?

Well, the plan was to hold elections this week via Survey Monkey.  But, we’ve had a few questions about why elections are held before the meeting.  Some folks feel like they’d like to participate in a meeting before jumping in as a new co-moderator.

So, before we open elections, Megan and I wanted to see if there was a general feeling as to whether we should put them off until May.

Here’s some food for thought:

  • Putting elections off would make it possible for candidates to meet other members in Denver
  • But, not all those interested in leadership will be able to make it to the annual conference
  • One of the unique things about ArLiSNAP has been that all of our activity isn’t concentrated at the annual meeting, which makes us more accessible to students and young professionals who might not have support to travel to the conference.

Please post your thoughts in the next day or two so we can make a final decision on the possibility of delaying the election.

Read more about the election here (including the profile for our first fine candidate)!  And if you’re still thinking of running, feel free to add your own profile!


  1. For potential candidates that are going to the conference, holding the elections later would certainly give them a taste of the “formal” proceedings. However, I don’t think it would necessarily convey what benefits and demands the position creates for the co-chair.

    So, I’d suggest holding off until May, but I’d also suggest that the co-chairs relate their experiences to the ArLiSNAP community. One way to do this would be to use the comments field under the Elections post. Another would be to created a hidden page that we link to from the Elections post. One advantage of doing the second is that, if you were so inclined & had a webcam, you could film yourself, post it on YouTube, and import it into ArLiSNAP. If you decide to go that route & need help, I can assist you. Finally, I suggest offering your contact information here on ArLiSNAP so that potential candidates have the opportunity to communicate with you one-on-one.

  2. Just in case you need contact information for the current co-moderators:
    Rebecca: rebeccacooper at gmail dot com
    Megan: mmacken at uchicago dot edu

    A couple of you have already contacted us about the election. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about the position, ArLiSNAP, etc. Thanks!

  3. If you are still interested in being a moderator, please post your profile ASAP. All candidates should submit a profile by May 9th. If we have more than one candidate, an election will be held via Survey Monkey during the week of May 12th.

    This will allow prospective candidates who are attending the conference in Denver to experience a meeting before submitting their candidacy. However, please note that you do NOT need to attend the conference in Denver to run for co-moderator!

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