Recommended Blogs for Art Reviews – New ARLIS publication

ARLIS/NA has just announced a new online publication, Recommended Blogs for Art Reviews.

This is a really great resource, and many thanks to Joel Atkinson, Rachel Beckwith, Sherman Clarke, Ross Day, Jennifer Faist, Joy Garnett, Jennifer L. Hehman, Jacqueline L. Rogers, Amy Watson and editors Jennifer L. Hehman and Kraig Binkowski.

I’d love to see this list in, too. There’s actually a lot of overlap with links already in the ArLiSNAP account. Maybe we could come up with a tag to denote sites that are on the Recommended Blogs list? Or maybe we could work with the editors so that they could create a second version of their list in It just seems to me that such a great resource should be shared far beyond the ARLIS/NA circle…


  1. Good news… the Publication Commmittee is working on getting a account set up to offer another way to access this great resource! I’ll post an update here when I hear something.

  2. They’re on!

    From Kraig Binkowski (ARLIS/NA Professional Resources Editor):

    In, all of the links from this Art Bib publication have been bundled under the tag ArtReviews and individual locations can easily be accessed in the unbundled tags section of the sidebar. It is the hope of the Communications & Publications Committee that this use of a social networking and tagging site will make this specific Art Bib publication more vital and useful as well as release it to a wider audience.

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