University of Iowa Libraries' cARTalog

Feeling nostalgic? Check out cARTalog!

The cARTalog grows from the empty drawers of the University of Iowa Libraries’ main card catalog, which was retired in 2004. A small community of library staff—motivated by both nostalgia and library subculture– has come together to give the card catalog cards themselves a rebirth, in order to celebrate the role of this honorific icon within the world of libraries as well as the UI Libraries’ sesquicentennial. Project organizers were able to salvage approximately only one quarter of the UI’s card catalog for the cARTalog project; the remaining cards were hauled away to recycling. The UI Libraries is only one of several libraries that have sought to honor the waning card catalog with a lasting monument or ceremony.

Be sure to check out the gallery as well.   Please post below if you know of any other artistic adaptations of library materials!

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  1. Thanks for passing that along Carter! OSU’s Fine Arts Library used their cards for scrap paper. I salvaged a few that seemed unique/interesting hoping to do something creative with them.

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