1. Interesting article . . . and great discussion of censorship, even though it doesn’t exclusively pertain to libraries.

    Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction has its own Library. It is open to “Any qualified researcher . . . including university faculty, other scholars, professionals, and university students at least 18 years old, with demonstrable research needs related to human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.”

    One of their curators oversees a collection of Art, Artifacts, and Photography. If memory serves me, there are one or two tiny exhibition rooms for display of these objects. They certainly aren’t set up to handle exhibits with attendance comparable to that of France’s National Library. They just opened a show titled “Women of Pleasure.” Past exhibitions are listed here. Online exhibitions are also available at the bottom of their Gallery page.

    See also the Kinsey’s Film Collection and Archives.

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