Call for Article Submissions for New MLS Student Contributed Publication Column

Deadline: January 1st 2008 for next edition
For more information contact: Lisa Johnston ( or Carla
Lee (

Biofeedback, the quarterly publication of the Biomedical and Life Sciences Division (DBIO) of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is interested in soliciting timely and exciting article submissions for our new column, “Librarian 2.0.”

“Librarian 2.0” will feature timely editorials and blog-style reviews of Web tools relevant to library science from the perspective of current students and newly minted Library School graduates. DBIO understands that the next generation of MLS degree holders has unique insights and fresh perspectives upon entering the library profession and wish to create a friendly, professional publication platform to showcase this talent and help to establish valuable connections with their future colleagues.

The editorial staff will select a wide range of short (500-800 word) commentaries on current issues as well as featuring mini-reviews on new technology innovations that affect everyday library life. Such topics may include:

* How to Get Started in Second Life
* Should Librarians be on MySpace?
* DRM and the Library
* The Library as a Physical Space

… and reviews of new technology and tools such as

* Google Docs
* Twitter
* Cool Library Widgets
* Librarian Avatars

With so many recent changes in the nature and expectations of a librarian’s duties, it is learn new skills and gain fresh perspectives from new people entering the field. Let that voice be yours!

Biofeedback is a quarterly bulletin of the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences dedicated to relating news and articles to the broad science library communities of the SLA. The electronic publication is subscribed to electronically by hundreds of academic and corporate librarians across the US and beyond. Student status or SLA membership is not required for submission consideration. View past issues online at

Submissions can be directed electronically or by mail to:
Carla Lee (
DBIO Publications Committee
C/O Carla Lee, Chair
Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library,
University of Virginia
PO Box 400124
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4124

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