ALA Midwinter: Ideas For Making Your Catalog The Best It Can Be

  • Confused (and/or excited) by all the talk of the “next-generation” library catalog?
  • Wonder how it can make a difference to YOUR users?
  • Crave some communication with other library professionals about these topics?

If so, you should plan to attend the ALA Midwinter discussion session – “Ideas For Making Your Catalog The Best It Can Be.” The Catalog Use Committee (RUSA/RSS) will hold this discussion on Sunday, January 13th from 10:30-noon in Crowne Plaza, Liberty C.

Topics will include:

  • Pushing the catalog out to users (things like RSS feeds, Firefox extensions, Facebook apps, etc.)
  • Alternate discovery tools (when it’s NOT your catalog – Amazon, LibraryThing, WorldCat)
  • Assessment and usability for information seeking behaviors (different age groups and the same catalog!)

If you would like to attend and are on Facebook, please add our event and invite others:

Best, Tiffany

From Tiffany A. Hebb at DePauw, via NGC4LIB

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