Promoting ArLiSNAP

We’ve promoted ArLiSNAP in various ways, including the following:

  • Deep Linking
    • ¬†Discussing ArLiSNAP on other blogs
  • Promoting ArLiSNAP at conferences & meetings
  • Making announcements on SLIS listservs

I think our next step should be creating a formal document for promoting ArLiSNAP & ARLIS/NA within library schools.  Megan has indicated that Jared Macken is willing to design the document.

So, besides such a “fact sheet”, does anyone else have any ideas on how to promote awareness for ArLiSNAP?

Thanks in Advance :)


  1. Good thinking Mmacken. One of the great things about YouTube videos is that it is interoperable with other platforms (e.g. MySpace), and it can be easily distributed by viewers (via e-mail, etc).

  2. You might consider contacting chapters to see if they have involvement with their local library schools. When I meet with Panopticon, the Simmons art library interest group, I try to spread the word about ArLiSNAP. I think many library students start by getting involved on a local level. So if you can get chapters aware of your activities, they may be able to help get the word out.

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