Guadalajara Internship Opportunity – Summer '08

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My name is John Bragg; I am an independent historian living near Guadalajara, Mexico. I have a working library (500 lineal feet of shelf space, two large conference tables, two computers, and approximately 5000 books) that has become unmanageable. Most of my holdings are history books, but there are also classics, philosophy, the sciences, music, and poetry. I have very little modern fiction.

I would like to make the following proposal that perhaps could become part of a summer internship, an independent study project, or whatever you might think appropriate.

The student would travel to Guadalajara to organize my library. This would include, but not be limited to:

· Selection of a software program to catalog my books, journals, maps, monologues, etc.

· Enter library resources into the program

· Propose a search system that addresses my needs.

· Advise me on anything needed for the project

· Begin to catalog and organize the library.

· Train clericals to carry on the cataloging of the library.

I do not know how long such a project would take, but I would prefer to accomplish it in one nonstop effort, most likely during the summer break.

I would be prepared to provide:

  • Transportation to Guadalajara and return.
  • A Stipend and living expenses.
  • Housing in a private guesthouse on our property with maid service.
  • Free time to explore Mexico.
  • A clerical person/s to handle “secretarial” chores.

My wife and I have lived in Mexico for almost twenty years and find this area very tranquil and beautiful. Our home is located in the village of Ajijic on Lake Chapala, just south of Guadalajara. I believe anyone would find the working atmosphere and ambiance of our home conducive to good work and pleasant days. The student/s would have the use of the gardens, tennis court, Jacuzzi, and pool.

If this project were too complex for one person, I would consider a team of two. I am open to any recommendations or modifications to the project proposal you might have.

Please let me know if you have any questions or interest.

Respectfully yours,

John E. Bragg

jbragg AT

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