Announcing the ArLiSNAP A Day in the Life Photo Contest

Remember the “Day in the Life of an Art Librarian” post back in in January?

ArLiSNAP is proud to announce the Day in the Life Photo Contest for art information professionals. Everyone is encouraged to enter whether they work in a corporate image center, specialized academic research collection, or any other setting.

To Enter

Participants are asked to document their workday in a minimum of three photos which capture the spirit of their institution. Record friendly faces, snatches of corporate culture, beloved resources, your library mascot, and more. What is unique and unusual about your job? The objective is to portray the individual nature of your work setting.

Upload your photos to Flickr and add them to the ArLiSNAP Flickr photo pool. Please caption all photos and tag them with “ArLiSNAP” and “Day in the Life” (at least). Please get supervisor approval before posting photos of your workplace to the ArLiSNAP photo pool. Photos in this pool are automatically displayed on the ArLiSNAP blog.

Deadline and Prize

Submissions will be accepted through October 31st (just enough time to document Halloween!). A winner will be selected at random and announced on the blog on November 1st. The first prize is one shirt from the ArLiSNAP CafePress store.

Questions? Comments? Post a reply to this thread.


  1. Thanks all! I’ll add more images as soon as we get some snow :)

    I’d also like to remind those ArLiSNAPers and lurkers out there that our ArLiSNAP Flickr group is public. Therefore, we welcome your images of art libraries and other art-library-related images.


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