Survey: Image Use in Academic Libraries

Dear Librarian,

Please consider completing our survey on image use in academic libraries. We are interested in learning what types of print and/or online images libraries have and how librarians assist patrons in finding and using images.

For the purposes of this survey, we define “images” as discrete visual–as opposed to textual–representations of objects, persons, ideas, or data. Our focus is on items that were visual in their original design. A few examples are photographs, paintings, posters, menus, maps, charts, and hard or digital copies of such items. Moving images, such as movies, filmstrips, videogames, and animations, are beyond the scope of our project.

The survey is available at

Responses will remain confidential. This survey will be cross-posted; we apologize for duplication. The survey closes November 9.

Note: Please use the navigation buttons within the survey rather than your browser’s back and forward buttons.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,

Jennifer Mayer, Fine Arts and Women’s Studies Librarian

Cheryl Goldenstein, Education Librarian

University of Wyoming Libraries

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