Questioning Authority Conference March 2008

The Student Chapter of the Special Libraries Association at the
University of Michigan’s School of Information working with our faculty
advisor and the Dean’s Office would like to tell you, your faculty, and
your students of an exciting upcoming event. During the last weekend of
March 2008 we will be hosting a national conference in Ann Arbor with
the theme “Questioning Authority”.

This masters student centered conference will address the topic from a
multidisciplinary approach. The question of the authority of an
information resource has always been a central issue in the field of
information. The Internet , Web 2.0 technologies, and the growing body
of information in digital formats have led to further concerns of
authority. This conference will address these concerns, which range
over such topics as the validity of user created information systems
found in social networking applications, such as Flickr and Wikipedia,
to how all Web users, or the very Web itself, may become savvy
information credentialers.

We seek masters and doctoral student papers and posters to join our
keynote speakers, workshops, panels, tours, and networking events.
Please encourage your students to become involved by submitting work
and attending the conference. We will call for student scholarly
submissions in October with a December submission deadline.
Registration for the conference will begin in November.

Please relay this information to the student SLA group representatives
and advisors at your school, as well as to any others you think may be
interested. Though we are initially sending this information via SLA
representatives, students in all information related studies are
encouraged to participate. Detailed program information will be
available on our website in the near future at: Feel free to contact us with
further questions at or

We look forward to working with you, your school, and your students as
we address one of the most pervasive issues in information sciences in
an engaging and collaborative manner!

Jessica D. DuVerneay
President, Special Libraries Association Student Chapter

Jessica DuVerneay
University of Michigan
School of Information MSI Candidate, 2008
Fine Arts Library Associate
President, Special Libraries Association – Student Chapter

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