Image Archivist Assistance – Fairfax, Virginia

I have an ongoing project to archive images from an antique photo collection that is in the process of being digitized (35 mm negatives to TIFF images). This will involve reading a handwritten catalog of image identity numbers and reconciling them to the TIFF image filename/numbers. Also, I need a descriptive file name applied to each file, depending on content.

I have between 20-25 three-ring binders that contain between 20-40 pages each. Each page has up to 35 images that need to have IPTC metadata applied to the corresponding TIFF files. IPTC metadata is a method of storing textual information inside images. The IPTC metadata will contain the photo caption/subject matter, keywords, and the image number (from the handwritten catalogs). To clairfy, I want the handwritten image numbers preserved as IPTC metadata, but want the current file name changed to a descriptive keyword(s)for each image.

This is an ongoing project and can be done piece-meal. I have the first 2,000 images ready to have IPTC metadata applied. You will need access to an IPTC editor (either freeware, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, etc.) I can possibly supply software. I will provide the images on an external hard drive and the three-ring binders.

I can provide instruction on IPTC tagging. I am open to ideas on approach, workflow, and proper methods for keywording.

Attention to detail a must. Pay rate is negotiable.

Will consider any interested party. Apply via email to by sending me an email saying you are interested and a little about your background.

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