Carnegie Mellon has developed a sophisticated software program that turns a flat photograph into a 3-D explorable environment.

I wonder what the applications would be for architectural renderings, studies of spaces depicted by artists (Van Gogh), etc. It would also be interesting to know whether a computer program could “understand” the space in a Van Gogh in the way a human viewer does.

Check out the video and explanation at


  1. For rcooper:
    There actually IS a 3-D site that explores the “insides” of Van Gogh paintings. Here is the Google listing with the link address:
    “Van Gogh Museum: virtual tourWelcome to the Van Gogh 3D exhibition. If you have not yet downloaded the 3D exhibition then click here to do so. To continue to the 3D spaces select a … – 9k – Cached – Similar pages”

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