Book Shelf View: Possibilities for Virtual Stacks Browsing

Imagine keyword searching through a book database, only the results come back as a picture of library stacks where the book is highlighted in context, where serendipity and browsing could happen. Read more…

Above is a quote from an O’Reilly Radar Blog post. Maybe someday image librarians will manage digital images of the stacks too. One potential problem with this idea — when would all the books be on the shelves so that you could take a complete picture of your library’s holdings? Have any of you ever tried Delicious Library (mentioned in a comment at the bottom of Book Shelf View post)?

One comment:

  1. I think the same experience could be had if someone used a set of generic book spines.

    When thinking of visualizations, I think it would be cool if you moved your mouse over the images of the spines and the image enlarged in a bouncy kinda’ way (like in the Mac OS).

    Delicious Library seems like LibraryThing with a couple of tweaks. That’s cool that you can use your webcam to take a picture of the barcode & Delicious Library will automatically populate the system with the book’s info. The process reminds me a little of how some Japanese cell phone that have scanners that allow customers to find product information ( — which, actually, might have implications for patrons if these type of phones become ubiquitous (think about reading reviews/etc. from Syndetic Solutions on your phone in the middle of the aisle in a library or a grocery store — maybe there’s a way to tie your library into that).

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