Working Digital Assets Symposium

Working Digital Assets

This day-long symposium will explore the current state of managing, sharing, and preserving digital assets.

Date:  Monday, September 24, 2007
Location:  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Cost:  No registration fee

Who should attend?

Museum, library, and archive professionals; students; anyone who produces, uses, and/or manages digital assets.

Join us in considering questions about digital assets such as:

* Can we plan for 50 years and 5 years at the same time?
* What makes a ‘quality, useful, and/or trustworthy’ asset?
* What are the hot-button rights issues?
* Where are the innovative, creative, and/or resourceful solutions?
* How can we stay ahead of the technological curve(s)?

Partial list of speakers:

Joseph Busch, Taxonomy Strategies LLC;
Patricia Cruse, California Digital Library;
Gary Fong, Genesis Photo Agency;
Hannah Frost, Stanford University Libraries;
Sue Grinols, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco;
Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive;
Wendy Levy, Bay Area Video Coalition;
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information;
Angelo Sacerdote, Bay Area Video Coalition.

Updated information will be distributed in early September.

For more information, contact the Collections Information and Access Department at

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