Running Google Earth from PowerPoint

This came up recently on the Visual Resources Association Listserv and may be useful for archaeologists and others who wish to link to a location during a presentation. Some artists now use GPS as part of their work as well.

Running Google Earth from PowerPoint

It’s possible to run a Google Earth file from within PowerPoint. I use Office XP, so the procedure could be different on other versions, but is quite straight forward.
Save a Google Earth .kmz file on your computer and insert it as an object. When the Insert Object dialogue pops up choose Create From File and browse for the selected file. In PowerPoint, right click the new object and choose Action Settings. In the new dialogue, select Object Action and Activate Contents. Finally you might want to improve the visual appeal of the Object, which can be done using Format Object.

Thats it. Now you can fly out of PowerPoints!

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