VuFind: NextGen, Web 2.0 Library Catalog

VuFindVuFind is pretty exciting–one of the more interesting nextgen opacs I’ve seen. Digital images would look great in the catalog (although how they would be incorporated is another question.) Then users could tag them easily and send a response if the image or metadata needs to be edited. Right now, the similar items column on the right doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly, but the possibilities…! I don’t know how the technical end of catalog works, but if you find out, please share.

One comment:

  1. The records are pretty slick.

    I like how easy they’ve incorporated a citing module. It would be interesting to see how a library would incorporate reviews–I guess that if its open source you can configure it with your service (like Syndetics).

    Dido with “Similar Items.” I browsed WWII records, and my similar items were non related.

    Thinking about similar items, it would be cool if an OPAC did what Amazon does with user recommended sets. Say a user created a particular set for their research on Goya. Then made it public. The OPAC could then populate the results page for another users search on Goya with other users recommended sets. (Of course the danger in that is created homogenized research/output).

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