Volunteer Wanted: Intro to Blogging

Arlisnap is looking for someone or a small group of people to write a brief intro to blogging on wordpress.com for beginners, or to find an existing guide that we could link to.

Right now the Join for Free link is the only instruction we give new bloggers. Our Home page links to the Wikipedia article on blogging, which is more of a historical account than a how-to. The new, brief guide would replace this Wikipedia link.

Please contact Megan for more information. If you already have a link in mind, please add it as a comment below.



  1. I’ve been browsing around for something – and haven’t yet found anything that addresses our users’ needs. The major problem is that many tutorials are written for an administrator rather than a user, and are therefore too technical for our needs.

    Maybe we should really think about creating our own . . .

  2. Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m willing to work on a video if someone is willing to script it.

    Which reminds me…anybody want to highlight any particular themes, etc. in the ArLiSNAP Promo Video 2.0?

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