Jennifer Trant writes that the second phase of the tagging experiment has been deployed at

The steve tagger (a piece of open-source software) is a key tool in the IMLS-funded study of the contribution social tagging and folksonomy can make to on-line access to art collections. Throughout the experiment the tagger interface will vary; the results of tags will also be studied to see if they are:

– real words (by using word net)
– terms from the discipline (by using the AAT and ULAN)
– new to the museum (by comparing to museum documentation)
– appropriate to the work of art (by doing term-by-term review).

The results of the study will be shared with the community. If you’d like to participate, please come by. [it’s ok if you don’t work in an art museum — and ok if you do!]

Go to
– create an account [this is important for the research]
– Tag Art

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