Library Camp Unconference, Free! in NYC

Registration spaces are going quickly at Library Camp NYC, a free event that
will be held on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, at Baruch College. If you haven’t
registered yet for Library Camp NYC, you might want to do so soon before the
registration is closed out (there’s room for 125 attendees).

This event is being run as an unconference, which means that the actual
program will be determined on the day of the event the attendees. Discussion
topics are being proposed now on the event wiki so that on the morning of
Library Camp NYC we can speedily finalize the program. Attendees will
volunteer to fill up slots on the calendar with activities such as:

– discussion sessions in which a moderator guides conversation and debate
– presentations in which one of more attendees speak about some specific
topic or project
– lightning talks in which people make 5-minute presentations on some tool
or project or concept

If you haven’t ever been to an unconference, this lack of structure can
sound a bit odd or problematic, but many attendees of previous library camp
events and other unconferences frequently remark on the collegiality and
group spirit that such informal get-togethers engender.

More on Library Camp NYC:

home page

sign-up page

discussion topics

latest news

Stephen Francoeur
Information Services Librarian
Baruch College
New York, NY

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