Digital Image and Slide Library Manager – Santa Clara University

Art and Art History Department

Full-Time, Fixed-Term

Requisition Number (please reference): 1000213

The digital image and slide library manager will work with the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History to maintain the slide library and manage the transition from slides to digital images including managing databases including MDID (Madison Digital Image Database), data entry, scanning images, and assistance with related digital photography needs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Manage slide library

B. Develop, manage, and coordinate a digital image database

Specific Responsibilities:

A. Manage the slide library

1. Maintain collection

2. Assist faculty and students with accessing the collection

3. File slides as needed

4. Repair slides as needed

B. Develop, manage, and coordinate access to a digital image database

1. Develop digital image database by scanning images and linking metadata to images using MDID or other appropriate database

2. Upload or enter directly digital images and metadata into MDID (digital image database)

3. Manage server maintenance and SAN storage with IT

4. Work with the digital resources manager in the library to ensure all copyright issues are addressed

5. Work with the Chair to coordinate financial resources related to the development and maintenance of the digital image database

6. Coordinate access to the digital image database

a. Work with IT to develop access for faculty to the MDID by password via the world wide web

b. Instruct faculty and students to download images from MDID to MS Power Point

c. Develop a protocol to prioritize fluctuating faculty demand for digital images

7. Act as a resource to keep faculty abreast of new developments or possibilities

C. Other duties as assigned by the Chair


A. Bachelor’s degree

B. Experienced user of Windows XP and Apple Computer Systems

C. Expertise with databases (Filemaker Pro, MS Access) and presentation software (MS Power Point, Keynote)

D. Experience with MDID preferred but not required

E. Demonstrated knowledge of art history

F. Demonstrated ability to complete projects from inception to implementation

G. Demonstrated initiative to keep pace with changing technologies and implement best practices in visual resource management.

H. Strong organizational skills with ability to handle multiple tasks, work independently, and be detail-oriented.

I. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

J. Professional service-oriented demeanor; flexible; respond well to change

K. Appreciation for and understanding of the principles of Jesuit education.

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