On the Heels of the Atlanta Conference

social tagging session!Having just returned from the ARLIS/NA conference in Atlanta (which was tons of fun), I thought our group could chat a bit more about future possibilities for ARLIS/NA annual conferences.

I read blogswithoutalibrary, and just got around to Amanda’s conference ideas photoessay. The ideas she shares are incredibly cool – some would work well for ARLIS, although others probably wouldn’t fly.

In particular, I like the idea of an icebreaker or two (I know, icebreakers have a bad rap, but they are actually useful after the fact when you’ve made a contact), the loose-leaf “at a glance program,” and podcasting.

Do other ArLiSNAPers think these ideas have merit? Are there other engaging conference ideas you’ve heard of or experienced? Which ones would you like to see implemented in the future?

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