Library Salary Database

Graduating students: There is a new resource, the Library Salary Database, which can help you in your job search. The Library Salary Database includes aggregated data from 10,631 actual salaries for six librarian positions in 1053 public and academic libraries. This source is available until the end of June for only $30 for a 30+ day subscription –
BEGINNING LIBRARIAN – Persons hired in the last six months for full-time work, but no professional experience after receiving the degree.

LIBRARIANS WHO DO NOT SUPERVISE – Persons who were not reported earlier and who do not have supervisory responsibilities.

MANAGER / SUPERVISOR OF SUPPORT STAFF – Persons who supervise support staff in any part of the library but do not supervise professional

supervise one or more professional librarians.

DEPUTY / ASSOCIATE / ASSISTANT DIRECTOR – Persons who report to the Director and manage major aspects of the library operation (e.g., technical services, public services, collection development, systems/automation).

DIRECTOR/DEAN/CHIEF OFFICER – Chief officer of the library or library

Contact ALA-APA if there are any questions – 800-545-2433, x242

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