Hello from Arlis/ANZ

Hi ArliSNAP and Sara – who left a kind comment on my new blog, which I’m using to communicate with the Australian and New Zealand Arlis group.

Arlis/ANZ is only just beginning to use this technology to help our membership communicate and interact – spread as we are over two countries and many thousands of kilometres with only a relatively small membership in terms of numbers. Your comment about how useful blogging technology has been in the ArliSNAP environment is inspiring, and encouraging to me that this is indeed the way to go.

I’m very happy to have had contact from a sister Society and would welcome visitors to our site and our blog – please leave any comments or suggestions that you think might be useful as we follow your lead in the use of this technology. http://www.arlis.org.au/home.htm

kind regards

Ellen Thompson

President – Arlis/ANZ


  1. Dido.

    I really hope ARLIS/NA will have its own 2008 annual conference wiki. Wetpaint looks like an its easy enough to use. ALA (i.e. Meredith Wolfwater) put together a really nice conference wiki with MediaWiki. What’s left of the 2006 ALA conference wiki can be accessed here.

    P.S. Thanks Carter for reaching out to Arlis/ANZ & for plugging a wiki on the somewhat quiet ARLIS/NA blog ;-) .

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the feedback! Our wikis are still very new – what you see is just a start, where we’ve been simply loading content and just getting members registered, so there is not a lot of truly collaborative wiki action yet. And like you guys, I am really hoping this technology comes into it’s own when we get stuck into planning our conference! Thanks Bryan, for your tips and suggestions for how we can further develop the wiki.

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