Sessions for Denver conference in '08

Now that folks are returning from Atlanta, it’s time to continue discussion what we’d like to try to put together or be involved in for next year. Some of the ideas brought up at our meeting were:

  • Next-Gen OPACS session
  • “wisdom of crowds” session
  • continuing the New Voices session
  • supporting the Resume Review workshop (or un-workshop)
  • encouraging more job postings/interviews
  • getting involved in poster sessions

If you have more ideas, or comments on any of these ideas, lets hear them!


  1. For everyone’s information, the deadline for ’08 conference proposals is June 15, 2007.

    I stumbled (via Simmons’ GSLIScast blog) on this entry about Lamson Library’s WPopac (WordPress OPAC). I think that Next-Gen OPACs will be a very hot topic by next year. Maybe this could fall under some “point/counterpoint” discussion here on the blog throughout the year, and we could eventually make a presentation at the conference.

    Also, I heard someone request a session on how the ArLiSNAP blog was created – I think that this would be lots of fun, however it need not be limited to conference presentations, and certainly doesn’t need to wait until next May! How about adding this information from our “Aboutness” page?

  2. I agree that we could add some things to the “Aboutness” page that talk about the history of this site in more detail. That would be a great way to get that info out to people in less than a year.

    One of the things we talked about was a kind of “digital” poster session, where volunteers from our group (and others) would be available in the exhibits hall to offer brief one-on-one or one-on-small group tutorials on some web 2.0 technologies. I’ve been chatting with some of the Denver conference folks about this, and they’re fond of the idea. If everyone is ok with it, I’ll continue to work with them and be the point person for this particular project.

  3. I really like the idea of a digital poster session. I think the opportunity to talk with people one-on-one at the session or in a mini tutorial is really great.

    NextGen OPACs should be something everyone’s talking about–there is the PennTags project too. I would be interested in opacs (or something similar in the commercial world, a place that librarians forget to look), that integrate image or other multimedia searching into the catalog (not using marc or clumsy aggregated searches or union catalog models). Maybe something along the lines of Jstor’s new search that shows ArtStor image results in a separate tab. (Jstor results also come up in Google.) What options are there for multimedia results in an opac?

    Finally, about the history of the blog. I’ve tried to tag discussions about the formation of the blog as [Creating the ARLIS Student Blog] I’ve probably missed some, but it is a place to start. I’ll look in old emails too, and try to post anything that wasn’t actually included on the blog.

    PS. I am going to Denver! I can’t believe how much I missed out on in Atlanta–thanks for being so diligent about reporting from the conference!!

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