Session Update from Atlanta: Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Long-term planning for conference requires session approval, preventing discussion of new ideas. Last-minute and timely topics have been generated – emerging technologies this year.

Varying levels of experiences
Overview of technologies and their use

Rebecca CooperCatholic University, Reader services manager at the Society of the Cincinnati Library

Brian Loar
Resource librarian, global design firm Fitch
ArLiSNAP administrator

Rebecca Price, Univ. Michigan

Sue Mayberry, Otis College of Art and Design, Director of Tech.
Web2.0 capturing imagination of faculty and staff
Bryan Loar– Blogs
Blogs: Why They Matter
Interesting phenomenon, but what are the results? How to incorporate into libraries and organizations

Shape ArLiSNAP – how to meet the needs of the community
Specific formats for communication –
Inferred 57 million adults read blogs daily – Pew Internet in American Life Project, 2006
12 million maintain a blog – Pew
175,000 blogs are created every day – Technorati, 2007
blogs are more likely to be used by the younger generation – Pew

ArLiSNAP – allows many voices to be heard, forum
Collaboration tools, committee-like – ability to view the gestation of an idea
Connectors to New Knowledge – RSS feeds
Professional Development – created by peers

Blogs Can Be

  • Forums
  • Collaboration Tool
  • Repositories of Knowledge
  • Connectors to new Knowledge
  • Efficient Professional Development Tools

Blogs Are Inherently Better Than

  • Email
  • Listservs
  • Bulletin Boards

Blogs – Start Your Own!
Things to consider

  • Consider the topic and stick to it
  • Know your audience
  • Choose a format to meet your objective(s)
  • Find the best Web publishing software for your needs
  • Promote

Blogs vs. Wikis –

Blogs are reverse-chronological. Experiments to combine blogs and wikis (which would be a mashup) – very cool, look forward to this in the next year.

Folksonomy – tagging to organize

Rebecca Cooper
RSS: Replacing Aggravation with Aggregation
20,000 blogs known to a single person
Blog-hopping can be very time-consuming
XML definition
RSS allows a website to send out a signal when there is new content
Centralized location with all content with little or no effort!

Web-based (Bloglines)
Desktop (FeedReader)
Email (Thunderbird)
Web browser (Firefox plug-ins)
Mobile phone (blackberry)

What should I add?
Resources you’d usually check while doing research
Look for the orange button!!

How do I create a feed?
Handrolled!?! Ack – too much work!
Semi-automated (
Fully-automated (feedburner)

Use it for:

  • Yourself
    • News
    • Prof development
    • Saving time
    • Collection development assistance
  • Your Users
    • Push news to your users
    • New acquisitions
    • Fresh content, all the time

What’s it all about? – Meeting your users where they’re getting their information

Rebecca Price

Social Tagging
Enriching controlled vocabulary – emphasis of the cloud
Ann Arbor District Library – adding reader commentary to the catalog card, using automatic generated shelflist card

Ann Arbor District Library catalog tags – within the catalog, top ten, random tags, etc.

Library Thing

Smithsonian Photography Initiative – “Enter the Frame has a tagger

Sue Mayberry

What do you get when you cross The Matrix and My Space?

Persistent virtual online world
Not a game, based on the Sci Fi novel SnowCrash
3-4 years old

Doubled in size since last fall
Free – except land-ownership is pay-based

Demographics –
Older crowd – 35 median age
More women than the gaming community average

3D building – primitives
scripting languages – objects move around

Change your characters

Reuters has a bureau in SL and estimated that (last Fall, I think) 500K was spent each day – today that number is estimated at 1.4 million

Proxemics, social clues, and personal visual identities translate in SL
Different than a listserv or blog – interactions

Art Exhibit topic – What is a figure and what is an avatar?

Things to do in SL

  • Shopping
  • Music
  • Parties
  • Educational projects
    • Info Island Library
    • Harvard University
    • Egyptian Temple recreation
    • Darfur Exhibit, social issues

Librarians are leaders –
InfoIsland I and InfoIsland II

Edu Island run by the Alliance Library Systems
New Media Consortium

  • Teaching space available
  • Support services
  • Shared resources

NMC Events – Howard Rheingold spoke, what does a classroom look like in a virtual world?

Mixed realities – Last Fall the MacArthur Foundation announced $50million investment through a streaming presentation in SL

Far From Perfect

  • High learning curve
  • Experimental nature
  • High bandwidth
  • Continual development
  • Lag and access

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