M-Learn Information Meeting 03/28/2007

For those who were not able to make it, we enjoyed coffee, donuts, and greatconversation over the potential of M-Learn and things we plan to do.Currently, M-Learn is in the process of being recognized as a studentorganization at Pratt, meaning, we are not officially recognized at thistime, but once we are approved legitimacy as an organization we will receivefunding. Wednesday’s meeting was also comprised of receiving the missionstatement, the M-Learn Objectives, M-Learn Activities, and who will besearing on the M-Learn board (insert positions, duties, and person who isfilling this position), in addition we discussed the possibilities for thefall (when we will officially will start up): these include places to visit(museums, galleries, auction houses), optional places we can hold ourmeetings, inviting guest speakers, potentially working with SILSSA and SLAon trips, to name a few, since we have so many great opportunities in NewYork as library students. There are three important things to note andthose areM-Learn Resources:E-mail: mlearn_prattsils@yahoo.comWordPress: mlearnprattsils.wordpress.comFlickr: mlearnprattsils

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