M-LEARN, a new student group at Pratt

We are pleased to officially announce M-LEARN, a new Library and Information Studies student group at Pratt.

M-LEARN (Museum Library Education and Research Network) at Pratt Institution’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS) shall promote the professional and social growth of its members and support the School of Information and Library Science at Pratt Institution. It will provide Pratt students with the opportunity to explore issues relating to museum collections, development, maintenance, conservation, and preservation of the humanities, sciences, visual and performing arts. M-Learn will encourage professional networking within the fields of museum librarianship, visual and digital resources, achieves, cultural informatics and arts libraries, and will actively promote involvement in professional activities beyond the classroom through lectures, workshops, visits to local collections, special events, and liaison with regional and national associations and networking with New York City universities, museums, archives, and libraries.

M-Learn endeavors to explore and understand in greater depth museum librarianship in all of its form and function. It is necessary for students who are interested in the field of museum librarianship to have an interest group that will build connection, relationships, and lesions with professionals and organization in this field. The association will provide a vital outlet for the students to address the various issues in Museum Librarianship through network and dialogue. This student association will address the needs of museum libraries and information professionals and support the advancement of the profession, pursuing partnerships with other professional organizations, higher education organizations, and national forums. While advancing the social and professional growth of students, Pratt, and SILS, M-LEARN also offers members the chance to combine practical and theoretical experiences in museum librarianship with that of the collection, preservation, and exhibiting element of museums and libraries.

This association will offer students learning experiences first hand from professionals in the field. The association will prepare Pratt’s students for the upcoming realities in their careers and build relationships with other professionals already active in these fields. We plan to hold monthly meetings as well as monthly events. The aim of these meetings will be to discuss activities, events, plan trips to different museums, achieves, libraries, and have lecturers from various organizations, museums, libraries, and universities to come and speak. In addition, we plan a to create a website to post new, events, links, etc. and we plan to create a blog where students can continue to discuss various issues in Museum Libraries. Moreover, we will encourage students to join regional and national associations. M-Learn will also actively promote open communication between the Pratt community, museum and library communities and other organizations throughout New York City. It is vital to have an organization within Pratt for the students in which they can network, engage in discussions, attend lectures and participate in trips with other professionals in the field of Museum Librarianship.

Since Pratt is the first Masters in Library Science program in North America to offer a Museum Library Certificate, it brings to the forefront the growing commonalities between museum and research libraries evidenced by expanding roles for librarians in education and outreach, digital resources and services, and information systems. Importantly, its curriculum transforms the education of museum librarians by defining the full range of knowledge and skills librarians will need to advance the mission of librarianship in museums, art libraries and cultural institutions. All Pratt students who are interested in Museum Librarianship are welcome to join and assist in the establishment and continuation of this dynamic and vital student organization.


Nicholas C. Jackson

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