Elections: ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group Co-moderator

As some readers may remember, this blog was created to provide an expanded and improved forum over the ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group’s listserv format. This Discussion Group still exists to maintain official ties with ARLIS/NA, and is currently seeking a new co-moderator.

The new co-moderator will serve a term of 2 years, to be staggered with another co-moderator (currently Megan Macken), beginning after the Atlanta conference. This position will allow the new co-moderator the opportunity to act as a liaison to the board during a very exciting time of change as the administration adjusts its organizational structure to meet contemporary demands. Other responsibilities are to coordinate special projects, advance the concerns of students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA, and run the annual meeting and student pub crawl at the annual ARLIS/NA conference. The future co-moderator will be heavily involved with the administration of the ArLiSNAP blog.

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short professional biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, as well as future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.

Elections will be held using SurveyMonkey from Monday, April 16th thru Sunday the 22nd The results will be announced on the ArLiSNAP blog on Monday, April 23rd.


  1. The elected co-moderator will be serving with me for one of two years, so I’d like to add my short professional biography and goals for the group here.

    My academic background is in classics, comparative literature, art history, and library science. I have finished coursework for a dual degree in Library Science (MLS) and Art History (MA) from Indiana University (IU), but my thesis is still in limbo at the moment (not for long!). I studied mostly modern 3D art for my MA, and my thesis concerns Elizabeth Catlett, an African American sculptor who lives in Mexico. I have been the Assistant Director of the Visual Resources Collection at the University of Chicago since the Spring of 2006. Other relevant experience includes Circulation Supervisor at the IU Fine Arts Library and Assistant Editor at the IU Art Museum.

    My technical background is not extensive, but I enjoy learning how to use new technology, designing web pages and blogging in a group setting. (You truly don’t need to know much about technology and blogging to be a co-moderator, but an interest in the possibilities of blogging, social networking and new technology is certainly useful.)

    The Student Affairs Discussion Group and its offshoot ArLiSNAP are the first professional committees I’ve been involved with, although I served on an awards committee for IU Libraries staff, and on small committees in various non-profit organizations and community groups. In short, I am a new professional, just like many of you, and the co-moderator position has been a great starting point for professional service. I am a member of ARLIS/NA and VRA, and hope to expand my involvement in both organizations after I’ve completed my term with the Student Affairs Discussion Group (I’m really interested in the joint VRA-ARLIS/NA Committee).

    My goals include those listed on the Annual Report–number five part two is my pet project. I would also like to explore how art and visual resources organizations could address social justice issues through collaboration, even in a small way. (I am inspired by the Google Earth and US Holocaust Museum project). If any of these goals interest you, or you have your own goals for Student Affairs Discussion Group and/or ArLiSNAP, please leave your bio below!

  2. Hello, all. My name is Rebecca Cooper, and I’d like to announce my candidacy for the position of Co-moderator of the Student Affairs Discussion Group.

    I have a B.A. in Art History from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, and an M.A. in art history from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. In my graduate studies, I concentrated on European art of the late 19th/early 20th century. My thesis was a study of the work of Belgian sculptor George Minne and the manner in which its meaning affected and was affected by it’s architectural context in Art Nouveau settings.

    I got my first experience working in libraries at Gettysburg College, where I spent one summer working in the college library shelving and doing book processing. The following summer, I worked in the slide library doing cataloging. At S.M.U., I worked part-time at the Hamon Arts Library as a Reference Assistant.

    Following graduate school, I completed a one year internship working in the curatorial department of the Dallas Museum of Art. It was here that I realized that I missed the library environment. As a result, when my internship ended and I moved to the D.C. area, I sought employment in libraries. After a year and a half working as a Reference Assistant for George Mason University, I was lucky enough to get a job working with a fantastic collection of rare books, maps, and engravings at the Society of the Cincinnati–a hereditary society of descendants of Revolutionary War officers.

    In May, I will graduate with my M.S.L.S. from Catholic University, where I have geared my coursework toward my goal of becoming an art librarian. I have also pursued my interest in learning more about Web 2.0 and emerging technologies. I was thrilled to be a part of ArLiSNAP as it was being developed, and I would be even more thrilled to be a part of its future.

    In addition to being a part of ARLIS/NA and the Student Affairs Discussion Group, I am also the Co-Editor for the newsletter of the DC-MD-VA chapter of ARLIS. Since becoming Co-Editor, I have created a chapter blog and sought to make the content and appearance of the newsletter more dynamic. I am also active in the ARTS section of ALA, and have recently been working on assisting with the ARTS guide to events and exhibitions of interest to those attending the ALA conference in June.

    Speaking of conferences, I enjoyed meeting several of you at the ARLIS conference in Banff last year, and I hope to meet even more people this year in Atlanta. I will be co-moderating the AskARLIS: Hot Topics session…so I hope some of you will drop by!

    My goals for this position would focus primarily on advocacy. I believe that we have a really strong group of people involved with the Student Affairs Discussion Group and ArLiSNAP, and that we’ve really begun to show the membership that we have a lot to offer. I would love to continue to seek ways to advocate for students and new professionals–to help those who are new to the profession but also those who are finding it difficult to get into the profession. In June, I will begin working with several others on revising the ARLIS/NA publication “Library Schools in Canada and the United States: Educational Opportunities for Careers in Fine Arts and Visual Resources Librarianship”, which has not been updated since 1999. I see this as one of opportunities to reach out to students and show them that ARLIS/NA is reaching out to them, and welcomes them into the profession. At the same time, I believe we must work to ensure that more ARLIS/NA members, and individual chapters, are committed to supporting students and new professionals through mentoring, financial support, and displaying support for a new generation of colleagues! I would love to spend the next two years working with Megan and others to ensure that students find the support they need so that they can continue to make great contributions to ARLIS and the profession.

    My apologies if this got long winded. I hope you can tell that I’m very enthusiastic about the prospect of serving as a Co-Moderator, and I look forward to the opportunity to hear what *you* would like our goals to be!

    Rebecca Cooper

  3. Rebecca Cooper has been appointed ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group Co-Moderator. Since Rebecca was the only candidate, there will not be a Survey Monkey election. The next election will be held in April 2008. Read the post for more info.

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