Don't Miss Hot Topics on Sunday in Atlanta!

The Hot Topics/AskARLIS session will occur at 9am on Sunday, April 29th.

The format for this session is rather unusual, in that the content and direction of the session is driven by the audience! To stir up the discussion, we’ll have a few folks present to “introduce” technologies and get the ball rolling and some other “experts” in the crowd.

It is our hope that everyone who comes to the session will be ready to share their questions, comments, and vision concerning the role of technology in art libraries. Whether you’re already a tech guru, or whether you can’t quite jump on the blogging bandwagon yet, we need you to speak up!

So… grab a cup of coffee and get to the Hot Topics session on Sunday! We can’t wait to see what happens when ARLIS asks ARLIS about some of the hottest topics out there!

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