ArLiSNAP meeting in Atlanta

The Student Affairs Discussion Group met in Atlanta on Friday, April 27. The following is a summary of the topics addressed at the meeting.

Sarah Carter began the meeting by introducing herself as the outgoing Co-Moderator, and introducing Rebecca Cooper as the incoming Co-Moderator. Co-Moderators serve a term of two years, and overlap by one year. The continuing Co-Moderator, Megan Macken, was unable to attend. Other present members also introduced themselves.

(1) Announcements:

The cafepress site is up, with many new ArLiSNAP items for sale at cost. Check it out! (just go to and search for “arlisnap”)

A reminder that there are three sessions at the conference sponsored by the Student Affairs Discussion Group.

(2) Session Proposals

Members were asked for suggestions for sessions or conference activities that they would like to be involved in for next year. Several ideas were discussed. A separate blog post will appear to continue discussion on these ideas, which included a Next-Gen OPACS session, a “wisdom of crowds” session, continuing the New Voices session, supporting the Resume Review workshop, encouraging more job postings/interviews, and getting involved in poster sessions.

(3) The proposal for a Social Networking Interest Group in ARLIS/NA

Members discussed Sherman Clarke’s recent suggestion on ARLIS-L to form a Social Networking Interest Group. Although it was agreed that the Student Affairs Discussion Group is active in this area, it was decided that it would be best to wait to see what came of the idea before deciding exactly how we would get involved. The suggestion was made that if the group is formed, it may be appropriate for us to appoint a liaison or representative.

(4) ArLiSNAP

Members were asked for critiques/ideas about ArLiSNAP. It was discussed that some of our new members had not explored it fully, and that some of the general ARLIS/NA membership may not have the skills to feel comfortable with the blogging format. It was suggested to create a very basic “blogging 101” introduction so that new visitors could learn a bit about the format and how to use it, as well as blogging etiquette. It was also suggested that we update the YouTube video with fresh content from the current year, and that we perhaps author a podcast as well. If you have other ideas, please post them in the soon-to-appear suggestions post.

(5) Name Change

There was discussion as to whether ArLiSNAP was synonymous with the Student Affairs Discussion Group. Some members mentioned that they did not realize that the core group of participants were the same. Others commented that the name “Student Affairs Discussion Group” is misleading, and seems to imply only student involvement, or perhaps some sort of academic administration role. It was determined that “ArLiSNAP” better represents the group, and could refer equally well to our face-to-face and online community components. A vote was taken, and a unanimous decision was made to change our name to ArLiSNAP.

(5) New Projects

Three new projects were discussed for the group for the coming year.

– Revising the existing publication on Art Librarianship educational opportunities, which will give ARLIS/NA and our group a better understanding of the degrees/tracks/coursework that exists in ALA accredited institutions to prepare the next generation of Art Librarians. Those interested in this project can leave a comment and let us know!

– Doing a study of student support and aid available in local chapters. This will help to give us an idea of whether we may need to start an initiative to be sure that students can get the support (financial, mentoring, etc.) they need from local resources. It will also allow us to determine whether there are recommendations we can make to ARLIS/NA in general, including the possibility of starting student chapters.

– Analyzing our goals and taking a hard look at where we want to go and the effect that structural/administrative changes might have on this group. It was acknowleged that our current status as an “unofficial” group seems conducive to our identity as a social, collaborative, and innovative community. It was also noted that the structure of ARLIS/NA is changing, and may re-arrange itself in coming months.

As there was no further business, the meeting was concluded.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, or if you have further thoughts, please feel free to comment or start a new thread to discuss your suggestions!

Following the meeting, participants met up with a broader group of students, new professionals, and seasoned ARLIS/NA members to attend the fantastic pub crawl!

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