ArLiSNAP Buttons Available in Atlanta!


Stop by any of the following Student Affairs Discussion Group-sponsored sessions, meetings, or events during the conference to get a nifty ArLiSNAP button with the new logo* on it!

Don’t worry if we run out of buttons, or if you are not able to attend the conference this year – check out CafePress to purchase a button and other related merchandise!! All proceeds will benefit ArLiSNAP (i.e., service upgrades for blog).

*logo designed by Jared Macken, graphic designer and ArLiSNAP supporter


  1. Absolutely Brilliant!

    Big Kudos to Jared & Carter. Carter are setting up the CafePress site?

    Most of my design friends from CCAD use CafePress, I’m glad you put the dots together!

    It would be really cool to have user submitted designs too. That way everyone get in on the act.

    Brilliant, just BRILLIANT!

  2. Actually, I can’t take a lot of credit for the buttons – they are Megan and Jared’s creation. I simply have the privilege of handing them out in Atlanta!

    Megan will be working on the CafePress site so that it is ready after the conference. I’d love to see other ArLiSNAP designs posted there!

  3. I’ll try to have the CafePress site up before the conference, if possible. I think it’s a great idea to have everyone submit designs. I’d love to hear more discussion about how to implement users’ designs at cafepress, conferences, etc. Carter and I realized at VRA that we really missed out on spreading the news about ArLiSNAP, so this was our last minute effort — glad you like it!

  4. I was thinking…because we’re not set up as a non-profit organization (NPO), we should sell at cost.

    Also, when communicating about design submissions, we should be upfront about copyrights (or creative commons licensing) and the fact that the submissions are donations (i.e. the designer will not be paid for their submission(s))

  5. The CaféPress store is now up here. Prices are set at cost, so no profit for us right now! If you want a different combo of logo and merchandise, let me know, I might be able to make it. There is a limit of one design per type of item for the free cafepress store. Or, if you see something that doesn’t look very good, let me know. Have fun!

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