ARLIS/NA Academic Library Division Listserv

The Academic Library Division is the largest group within ARLIS/NA,
with nearly 350 members. The Division seeks to identify and promote
issues of interest to art librarians working in institutions of higher
education. The ARLIS-ALD listserv (ARLIS-ALD-L) extends the Divisions’
reach and frequency of communication by offering an open,
electronic discussion forum to its members.

ARLIS-ALD-L membership is open to anyone interested in discussing
issues uniquely related to art librarianship and information services within
college and university settings, including (but not limited to)
teaching, scholarship, tenure, collections and outreach.

This list is presently moderated by Greg Hatch (University of Utah) and
Rijn Templeton (University of Iowa). To contact the moderators, send
an email to:

Go to and click on
“SUBSCRIBE” in the left column.

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