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Dear ARLIS/NA Colleagues,

As you register for the upcoming conference, please take a moment to consider participating in the ARLIS/NA Atlanta Conference Mentor Program!

The Mentor program application form is now active and can be found at:

Whether you are a seasoned ARLIS/NA conference veteran or a first (or second) timer, you have the opportunity to participate in the Atlanta Conference Mentor Program. If you are attending your first conference and are just beginning to develop your ARLIS network, the Mentor program provides you with an experienced ARLIS/NA member to show you the ropes and introduce you to new colleagues. For ARLIS/NA veterans, this is a fine opportunity to make a significant impact in the Society on a personal level.

Those requesting mentors will be matched with those volunteering to serve as mentors by the program coordinator, based on information drawn from the application form. Both mentors and their newcomers will be notified before the conference.

Mentors are expected to contact their mentees prior to the conference, meet with their mentee the first or second day at the conference, discuss the structure and workings of the Society, give conference-attending tips, and introduce their mentee to new colleagues whenever possible during the conference.

Please note that the Atlanta Conference mentor Program is separate from the year-long mentoring program and workshop.

Interested: Please fill out the form available on the conference website before April 13th. For any questions, please contact Alba Fernandez-Keys, Mentor Program Coordinator at .


  1. I did this last year at Banff. It didn’t require an extensive commitment. Much easier and more fun than breaking the ice all by myself! My mentor, Janine Henri, answered all my questions (including the ones I didn’t know to ask) and introduced me to so many librarians I had only read about :)

  2. Just be ready to ask questions and shake a lot of hands. The hardest part was locating my mentor. We each gave descriptions of ourselves that involved shoulder-length brown hair and glasses. So, maybe wear a sequined top hat or a pink boa so you’re easy to spot ;)

    Last year there were two different mentoring programs at the conference — the one above, a mentor for the conference only, and a year-long program. This did cause some confusion. Is the long-term mentoring program still running?

  3. Yeah, both are still running. I’m glad you mentioned that because I didn’t realize there are forms to fill out for both.

    For the conference mentoring go here

    For the year-long mentoring (which is connected to the Mentoring Workshop, go here

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